Arpe Dolce

Angharad Wyn Jones & Dylan Cernyw …a harp duo with a difference!

Arpe Dolce is the combining of the talents of two of Wales’ most established and acclaimed Harpists.

As solo harpists in their own right Angharad Wyn Jones and Dylan Cernyw have proven themselves all over the world with their unique performances and styles of harp recitals. If that was not enough for the two artists, Angharad was one quarter of the harp quartet Four Girls Four Harps and Dylan is the other half of the piano and harp duet Piantel.  They are also part of the Harp ensemble TELYN4 with fellow harpist Elin Angharad Davies and Dafydd Huw Jones 

Having known each other for many years through their music and having harp playing as a fundamental common denominator in their lives they have decided to join forces and become what is now known as ‘Arpe Dolce’. They bring you classical traditional, modern eclectic with even some jazz thrown in! The harp is not just a classical instrument as this duo will prove as they entertain you!

Both Angharad & Dylan are very well acclaimed accompanists and have accompanied some of our best and well known singers and soloists. They have shared platforms and television stages with the stars such as Bryn Terfel, Rhys Meirion, John Owen Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Hayley Westenra, Rhydian Roberts, Darius Danesh and Sir Elton John. Between them, they have appeared on the stages of the Royal Albert Hall, The Roy Thomson Hall (Canada), The World Choir Olympics Saoxing (China), BBC Proms and as guest harpists for audiences with Gerry Halliwell, the Beckhams, David Walliams, Richard & Judy, HRH Prince of Wales and the Dutches of Gloucester.

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​The harp is just a classical instrument right?…. No it is not, as this duo will prove while you absorb the vibrance & excitement they create!

​Where did the name ‘Arpe Dolce’ come from?

Well… Angharad and Dylan wanted a name that would reflect what they’re all about, the type of music they play and perhaps some of their personality, but what name could they have? What would sound good?

Both artists play harps made by the company Salvi who produce their harps in a small village called Piasco, Italy. It was decided that an Italian name would be a great idea for the new duo, but little did they realise at the time how relevant this name would be to their newly formed act!

The Italian translation of ‘Harp’ is quite simply ‘Arpa… but the plural becomes Arpe. This alone did not sound quite right and they felt the need for a slightly extended name which, after much deliberation and internet trawling for inspiration evolved into Arpe Dolce…. In italian Dolce is the word for ‘Sweet’ and it was felt that Sweet Harps had a beautiful sound to it. Dolce also means softly when seen on a musical score in the same way as piano means quietly…

After deciding on the name ‘Arpe Dolce, something else became quite obvious that had not been realised before. Something about the initials of the new duo’s act name…. have you guessed it? The first letters of Arpe and Dolce are also the first letters of the names Angharad and Dylan!

It was meant to be! Arpe Dolce it is!

We hope you enjoy the breathtaking experience and performance by Arpe Dolce.