Cyngerdd Telynau Clwyd Hÿn / Telynau Clwyd Senior Group Concert

March 8, 2020




Name Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias

Telynau Clwyd

Telynau Clwyd harp consort was established in October 2015 following a successful taster session during an open day at CGWM Denbigh some months before.

Dylan Cernyw and Morwen Blythin are the group leaders, and under their leadership the group have performed in concerts at St Mary’s Church in Denbigh (2016), North Wales International Music Festival, as well as the Music Centre’s ‘Llwyfan Cerdd’ student concerts.

The group is suitable for school age children and, and we have two groups which come together once a month in Denbigh:

Junior Telynau Clwyd: For harpists up to grade 3 standard.

Senior Telynau Clwyd: For harpists grade 3 standard and above.

We are very grateful to Telynau Tandderwen Harps for supporting this project.

Diddordeb ymuno gyda Telynau Clwyd?, cyllytwch drwy ddilyn y linc isod.

Interested in joining Telynau Clwyd – Follow the link below.